Yummy and Healthy 3 Ingredient Oats & Cranberry Cookies

Let's face it, it's not always easy to start eating healthier and if you're anything like me, you're constantly finding yourself looking for something sweet to nibble on. Now, it being the New Year and all, everyone is looking for a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar or gummy bears. 

So I thought I would share one of my favourite healthy recipes with you, my Yummy and Healthy 3 Ingredient Oats & Cranberry Cookies. Yip, you read right, all you need is three ingredients.

For the cookies you will need:

2 Ripe Bananas 
1 cup of quick/instant oats
A handful of cranberries or raisins 

Mash the 2 ripe bananas in a mixing bowl.  As bananas vary in size, you may need to add more oats if your batter seems too runny. 
Then add a cup of quick/instant oats and a handful of cranberries or raisins (feel free to add choc chips or nuts too, if you like). Don't add too many though as your cookies will fall apart.

Place small scoops on a greased baking sheet and bake for about 15 min. Just keep an eye on them, they can burn quite quickly.

And, it is as easy as that. Honestly, sometimes I find the easiest things to make can be the yummiest. And trust me, I know these won't last long in my household, or yours!

Please do let me know if you decide to make these and leave me your thoughts.



  1. Oh these look so yummy! Definitely need to try them out :D


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