The Swissco Precision Blending Sponge - Bright Pink

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole blending sponge fad and wasn't too sure if it was something that I would like. I'm such a big fan of a makeup brush, perhaps even a hoarder, but I just really love a good makeup brush and the thought of something else replacing it, was beyond me. 
However, after using the Swissco Precision Blending Sponge in bright pink, I think I've been converted.  

They are the dream tool that can do pretty much anything. It blends, plumps and smooths with such ease and doesn't create a cakey look. The precise point makes it super easy to apply concealer under the eyes and getting into all those little areas of the face. I'm such a fan now!

I purchased the Swissco sponge as a cheaper option to the popular Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponges, just in case I wasn't a fan. But, after the amazing results from this little sponge, I will definitely be investing in one of the other two. I just need to decide which ...

What is your favourite blending sponge and which would you recommend I try next?



  1. I actually purchased a cheap blending sponge from a local boutique (because I didn't want to fork over $30 for a sponge) and I hated it. I didn't understand why people were hyping over these blending sponges. And then one I gave it another try (I bought the Beauty Blender) and OMG I FELL IN LOVE.
    I actually own 4 different blending sponges now; and I can't go a day without using it.
    I use it for foundation, cream contour, and under the eye. I still use a stippling foundation brush afterwards to double check everything is blended in.
    I honestly recommend purchasing the beauty blender because it's heavenly.

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

    1. Yeah, there are some really bad dupes out there. At the moment I have only been using it for my foundation, but will definitely start using it more.
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it and thanks for the suggestion!! xx


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