1 Year Anniversary

It was on this day last year that I sat down at my laptop to write my very first blog post.
I had become so intrigued and excited by reading so many of my favorite beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs, that after some time, I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own. 

I must say, the last year has honestly flown by! And what a year it has been, filled with so many ups and downs, between Uni stress and general life. This little blog has been my place to escape to and share my general thoughts and opinions. I never thought so many people would read my blog, let alone be nominated for a Liebster Award in 2015 and then again this past month (my post about that will be coming soon!).

I know it's not the most amazing blog on earth, but I'm incredibly proud and amazed at how many of you follow, comment and support my little space on the internet. I sincerely appreciate every single one of you...:)  and I hope that the next year will be even better! 

Lots of Love



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