Effective Christmas Shopping

Brace yourselves everyone, the shops are about to get crazy.

As much as I love Christmas, my least favourite thing must be the craziness of the shops at this time of year. Make no mistake, I love shopping, but it's the many people in the shops that I'm not so fond of. Each year I find myself proclaiming that I will get all my Christmas shopping done early, decorations up and cards written and ready to send. Thus, I decided to make a beeline for the shops this past weekend.

Over the last few years I have learnt a few tricks that makes my shopping trips a lot more enjoyable and effective.

1. Make a list

Yes, this sounds kind of obvious, but if I think of the many times I have wondered into the shops with only a vague idea of what I wanted... which usually resulted in hours of browsing and getting distracted by product promoters.

Make one list, either on a piece of paper, your phone or whatever is most convenient for you and include everyone on that one list to make sure you don't forget about anyone.

2. Start early

Another more obvious, yet essential one. As soon as the Christmas decorations go up and promotions out, it is a good time to start. Not only will your shopping be done early, but you won't run the risk of not getting the perfect gift for that special someone, because the store was out of stock.

3. Set aside a day

Setting aside a specific day to do all your shopping will make things so much easier, especially if you need to travel relatively far or rely on someone else to get you there. If you can go during the week, it is usually a lot quieter. But if shopping on a Saturday can't be avoided, then try and go as early as possible.

4. Set a budget

This is one of those things I always try to do, until I step into the store and I'm faced with all the amazing products and then the budget tends to go out the window.  However, it is very important to set aside a certain amount for each gift. It is also a good idea to agree on a price limit on gifts with family and friends.

5. Look for promotions

A great way to get amazing gifts is to hunt for items on promotion. Most retailers will have good price cuts on products, as well as "buy one and get one free" promotions. Gift sets are also a great way to get products for a fraction of the cost. I wrote a post about my favourite gift sets here if you want to have a read.

6. Try to go to one store

My last and probably most practical tip is to try and do all your shopping at one store.  Even though this can be difficult it can cut your shopping time in half and save you a lot of  stress.

I must say after this weekend I feel pretty confident that I have all my Christmas shopping sorted.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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  1. These are great tips for the busy holiday season! :)


  2. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Happy new year!

    xoxo Emily

  3. Very nice and useful post :)

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